About Us

Thank you for visiting out page about parenting tips to help with raising children of all ages.


A bit of background about us. We are a family with 3 children and have expirenced the struggles that all parents have, including sleeping, feeding, behavioural. Over the years we have developed strategies that have helped us to improve our interactions while also bonding as a family and growing as a couple.

We are not by any strectch of the imagination experts on parenting and raising children (I do not believe that there is even such a thing). However, we are regular parents that have been through the struggles. Therefore we wanted to try any help other parents out there going through the same thing.

What we have tried to create here are tips and actions that we have found that have worked. In addition first hand experience that we have had with our children. By sharing our experiences we hope to be able to help other families.

The other focus that we will look to address will focus on maintaining the relationship between the parents themselves. Raising children is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult jobs in the world. The stress that can come with it can put a major strain on the relationship between the parents. Therefore we thought that by sharing our experiences as well as tips that we have found have been invaluable in maintaining our relationship.

Thank you again for having a look at our site. We hope that you find the information useful and informative.