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family christmas lights
Whole family in front of christmas lights in Geelong

Hi and thank you for visiting our blog.  We thought that it would be best to start off our blog with an introduction about who we are.  We are a husband (David) and wife (Anthea) team that are currently raising 3 young daughters (Jasmine 4, Isabella 3, Aurora 9 weeks).  When we first became parents we thought we were going to sail through it. We had read all the blogs and books that were available yet, everything we had read was “ignored” by our daughter.  The realisation that we had to completely change our thinking was difficult to come to.  Once we decided to throw out everything that we read it started to become easier.  There was a routine in that we settled on not having a routine. Once we adopted a more of a free-range attitude with Jasmine she seemed to come into her own and flourished. This was a relief, and terrifying for myself (I like routine) but it was fantastic to see her developing .

family thomas the train
David Jasmine and Aurora riding on Thomas the Train in Geelong

Then Isabella came along and we were again upended.  We thought we had become quite slick with one child and figured a second would be a relative breeze. But we could not have been more wrong. Isabella, even from a young age, always needed to have a set routine. So now we had Jasmine who thrived on no routine, and Isabella who needed to have a routine or became unsettled.  This was again a learning curve that we stumbled through but made it to the other side unscathed (I think).

Aurora is still too new to know what she likes. Having said that so far she is a mix of the 2 other, likes freedom and spontaneity in most things but routine in others. But with our past experience and the things that we have learned along the way will help to smooth this out (I hope).

family on Thomas the train
Anthea and Isabella on Thomas the train in Geelong


I am a GP currently working in the Northern Territory of Australia. Anthea is a registered nurse with experience in child and adolescent health.  But, we are leaving the Territory to become permanent nomads. Our family is living in a Caravan while we travel around Australia.  We plan to pick up work as we travel so that we can travel as long as we like.  The trip will be a phenomenal learning experience for all and a great chance to bond as a family. So we have signed up for another big learning curve to navigate through.

sisters playing while shopping
Jasmine and Isabella playing at the shopping centre during Christmas in Geelong

Blog Intention

The main purpose of this blog is to provide tips and tricks we have used in our short, yet lively journey as parents.  As mentioned above we work in the health field which includes looking after children. Even with this background we felt completely unprepared as new parents. We have read alot of the blogs and advice and some was useful and some was not for our children.  So, we thought it would be helpful for other young families to start a blog with tips to help them on their journey.  We do not claim to be parenting experts. In fact I don’t think there is actually such a thing, it is an individual journey for all parents and children). Instead, we are parents who have fought through using strategies we wish we had known before. Also we will discuss things that no one ever tells you about raising children.

sisters playing on the swings
Jasmine and Isabella enjoying a swing together Christmas day Geelong

There will also be a focus at times on maintaining the relationship between the parents.  Parenting is a full-time job that is the hardest thing most of us will ever do.  This can lead to extra stress and frustration that can manifest as anger. It is often easiest to take this out on our partners. Further it can at times lead to a distancing of the relationship.  These are things that all parents go through (us included) and can be difficult to navigate.  Yet, it is possible, but does need some work put into it.  So, we plan to post tips and strategies that we, and our friends and family, have used to maintain the spark.

We hope that you will enjoy our blog and find the posts and information useful (and at times humorous).  We are very happy for comments on our posts as we welcome discussion.  Also, you can email ( with any comments, questions, or concerns. If you have any topics that you would like to see us discuss send them through as well. We look forward to going on this journey with you.

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